Dry and clean pressurized air is widely needed in various fuctions of the modern industrialized world, like: construction, mining, transportation sectors and among different industries - almost everywhere.

A good deal of Airfil's basic expertise of filter manufacturing lies in diverse in compressor filters used for intake air-, lubrication- and oil separation applications. Airfil designs today state-of-the-art filtersolutions, enabling the OEM or the end user to maximize service life and output of the compressor unit. Strong and long lasting customer relations within this area already since decades tells about the trust and of world class palyers and competency of the products.


Heavy vehicles, like trucks, busses, trains, trams on shore and diverse vessels sailing on world seas, are needing a number of air-, lubeoil-, fuel- and coolant filters to keep their engines and systems running reliably at all weather conditions to fulfil their important duties around the clock during all times of the year.

The Fininish filter manufacturer Airfil supplies filters worldwide from the luxyry ocean cruisers sailing on Caribbean Seas, to commercial cargo ships, oil tankers, from freigth carco truck liners to local urban distribution traffic vans and from commuter trams to intercity trains and heavy locomotives.

Besides engines and motors, must human respiratory system and lungs be protected and provided clean air to breath. Cabin air filters of different vehicles is one of the most important product areas. The filter elements are always dimensioned according to the specific use ranging up the heavy AC and HEPA filters.


The Construction and Agricultural machines are designed to work in most harsh environmental conditons. Therefore the demands of maintenance and service/spare parts are allways play an important role. Concerning the filter elements, this prerequisite means, that only high quality long life elements should be used as replacement products.

In addition to the Heavy-Duty engine filters, Airfil manufacturers and supplies also replacement elements for hydraulic systems, which enables customers to concentrate the acquisitions for one supplier.

Also a good example of this area, are heavy Diesel engine fuel injection systems, which must function in extreme temperature and humidity conditions. Specially for these have been developed Baldwin Dahl fuel water separation systems, ask more from our sales.


The use of replacement filters in service functions of industrial applications and power generation is governed by manufactruring processes, type of fuel etc. Airfil Oy manufactrurers a large variety of replacement filters dividing in main applications according to use like:

Liquid Filtration

  • Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems
  • process water

Air Filtration

  • intake, and circulation air systems (Cartridges, Panels, Cassettes, Bags, HEPA, ULPA)
  • Dust removal filters (Cartridges, bags)

Again a strength of Airfil is that industrial needs are often requiring special tailored and customized individual solutions and improvements, which can be established by Airfil experts due to flexible manufacturing systems.