Air filters

Already since decades, the brand name of Airfil is respected of it's vast variety of air filters among power generation, transportation vehicles, work machines, industrial processes, compressors and HVAC service and diverse maintenance applications.

Basic prerequisites for manufacturing a safe and high quality air filter, is the state-of-the-art filter media together with right dimensioning and quality assurance through all manufacturing steps.

Moreover the geometry and construction of the filter are ensuring air cleanliness for intake air of motors and processes and safe environment aspects and human well being.

Starting from the very beginning, for the new born enterprise was given the name Airfil (Finland), which have ever since obliged and honoured it's employees in the manufacture of high grade airfilters.

Continuing product development and good price/quality relation, has ensured AFA-Airfilters a solid postion as one of the most sold replacement filters among the finnish markets.

Moreover to the ”visible” markets, Airfil” is supplying air filters for many different customers within the industry, (like OEM-clients and private label distributors).

Within industrial processes and general maintenance needs, there are often demands for customised replacement filter solutions, where Airfil can flutently serve its customers.

Increased environmental airborne impurities are requiring more efficient air filtration techniques in many applications. We have plenty of experience about Highest Efficiency Particle Air Filters (HEPA and ULPA) and the combined use of Activated Carbon for example within vehicle and HVAC use.

Air filters
Dust removal cartridges
Dust removal

Oil and hydraulic filters

Airfil oil filters provide wide range reliable filters. Well researched materials and firm structure ensure machines to run without malfunctions. Airfil manufactures hydraulic filters for industry and vehicles with the experience of decades. As a flexible manufacturer we produce filters also for special purposes. We utilize ß-200 filter material which quarantees the best filtration degree and long service life.

According to their consctruction details and applications AIRFIL-filter elements are gategorized as follows:


Serie Filtration media Abreviation
AFPO Cellulose 25 mic PO
AFPOVM Metal grid 25 - 300 mic PVM
AFPOVL Glasfibre 3 - 25 mic PL


Serie Filtration media Abreviation
AFKOVL Glasfibre 3 - 25 µmm KL
AFKOVM Metal grid 25 - 300 µmm KVM


The construction incorporates inner and sometimes also outer tube. The pleated glass fiber media is supported with epoxy coated support screen, The end caps are metallic die-cut or spin lathed.

The pressure filters are typically located downstream of the hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system.The high pressure filters are marked with abr. /KP. The costruction is reinforced according to the demands of the application.


More environmental friendly and easy-to-dispose AF-EKOfilters are used for example in industrial lubrication systems.

Then construction of EKOfilters is executed without metallic end caps, which have been replaced by cast plastic components. The EKOfilters are marked by using the abbreviation/EKO at the end of the name code.

Return line filters
Return filter AFPOVL-xx /K

Oil separators


Airfil oil separators are the result from years' development. The high quality filtration has been achieved by co-operation with compressor manufacturers. In 1983 Airfil was awarded the diploma "the subcontractor of the year by Tamrock for quick and high quality deliveries and also for the wide area oil separator, which has great filtering area in small size. This Airfil wide area separator was the first one in the world and it is highly appreciated among compressor manufacturers. The special fabric wrap is the novelty and it quarantees better filtration and service life.

Service conditions:

  • mineral oils
  • synthetic oils
  • 10 bar max
  • 120 º C max
  • oil concentration 1-3 ppm

The oil separator should be changed when the pressure drop is 1 bar. The service life of the separator is 4000-8000 h.

Concerning compressors and oil separators the following matters should be noticed:

  • The location of the compressor
  • Air in the surrounding area as clean as possible
  • Diesel engine exhaust (soot) should be prevented from drifting into the air intake
  • The filtration efficiency of the suction air filter must be right so that contamination particles cannot drift into oil
  • Suction air filter and oil filter must be changed according to the instructions of the compressor manufacturer
  • The construction of the oil filter must be right (pressure of the by pass valve, max working pressure, filtration efficiency)

If these are not obeyed the oil separator will be clogged too soon. The service life may be under 1000-2000 h in bad operating conditions


  • With the pressure air after separator compressed air becomes cleaner
  • Filtration efficiency up to 99,99998 % > 0.01 µmm
  • Oil concentration 0.1 mg/m

Suction filters

Airfil suction filters provide wide range reliable filters for industry and vehicles. Suction filters are used for example in hydraulics and suction trucks. Well researched materials and firm structure ensure machines to run without malfunctions. Airfil manufactures suction filters for industry and vehicles with the experience of decades. As a flexible manufacturer we produce filters also for special purposes. We use in suction filters stainless steel or acid proof wire mesh. The name of Airfil suction filters is AFISE or AFIU.

Suction filters
Suction filters PA

Breather filters

Breather filters are used in lubrication and hydraulic systems, for example on oil tanks and between different system components in pressure balancing, i.e. breathing. A Breather filter can as well serve a fuel or oil cap. The construction can be a simple cartridge or a Spin –On type canister filter.

The name of AIRFIL Breather filters is AFHUVL, which is abbreviated as HL. The efficiency of breathers is typically within the range of 5-25 µmm.

Breather AFHUVL-2001